Kantisto BV
Callenburglaan 22
3742 MV  Baarn
The Netherlands

KvK 52235262
VAT nr NL 8503.55.229.B.01

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cari Sänger - van de GriendFoto: Hilde Sneep

Cari Sänger – van de Griend

Kantisto BV was founded early 2011 by Dr Cari Sänger, who has 20 years of experience in industry. She is a broadly oriented Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemist with scientific and line-management background and a long experience within the international pharmaceutical industry.

Cari is known for her warm, enthusiastic personality. Her aim is to stimulate people to keep growing and learning, striving to get the best out of themselves. Cari is an independent, reliable, scientific people-manager and a globally recognised expert on separation science, especially within the capillary electrophoretic techniques, but is also a specialist on dissolution and was responsible for technical innovation.

Cari is Associate Professor in Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at ACROSS, University of Tasmania.
Through her international career, Cari has a broad industrial and scientific network. Her lecturing and coaching skills she developed over her years at the university (Leiden, Uppsala, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), research institute (TNO) and industry (AstraZeneca, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Abbott). She has trained and supervised many students and colleagues, and organized, chaired and lectured at international symposia, trainings and shortcourses for over 15 years. Cari‘s focus is primarily on implementation, knowledge transfer and good working practices.
She is the author of the series “CE Solutions” in Separation Science’s digital learning platform.

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