Good CE Working Practice is discussed in this course, illustrated with many real-life examples of small molecules and proteins. Although the focus is on pharmaceuticals, the principles apply for most quantitative CE methods.

This course starts off with a refreshment of the fundamentals and operating modes of capillary electrophoresis. The approaches to method optimization during CE method development will be described, zooming in to the influence of key operating parameters and good working practice. Many practical examples and applications from the  pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry will be discussed. After this training you will be able to couple method development and validation to the purpose of your analysis. You will have a good understanding what the validation parameters are and you will be able to make a to-the-point validation protocol. This is based on a better understanding what the critical method parameters are and increased knowledge of good working practices of CE. As a consequence the amount of trouble shooting needed in daily practice will be reduced, but if you still do need to troubleshoot, you will have a good understanding of where to start and what to look for.

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